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Folia Geographica Socio-Oeconomica is the journal of at least national range, specialized in the field of socio-economical geography and spatial planning. Editorial board oversees publishing of reviewed monographs and multitopic books dealing with theoretical and methodological aspects, as well as articles having cognitive character with applicable elements. It addresses regional issues at national and international level, with a particular focus on the Łódź region. In the Journal are disseminated research results from various fields of the human geography: mainly from urban geography, social geography, geography of services, industrial geography, geography of communications, political geography. It also includes works that represent new directions in research of socio-economical geography: humanistic geography, behavioral geography, cultural geography, geography of perception, electoral geography, et al.
Folia Geographica Socio-Oeconomica is addressed to the academic community, students and employees of state and local administration, regional statistics and spatial planning institutions and others.
Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education has granted Folia Geographica Socio-Oeconomica 8 points placing it on the list of selected journals, with the numbers of points earned for a scientific publication, in the B section as "other foreign and Polish journals" which are not included in the Journal Citation Reports (JCR).
No. ISSN 1508-1117, e-ISSN 2353-4826.